Charlton & Jenrick

Fireline -Multi-Fuel & Wood Burning Stoves.
The Fireline range offers a wide variety of multi-fuel stoves. Key features include a 5mm and 10mm thick laser profiled and seam-welded steel construction for strength and long life, draught-controlled tertiary air systems, plus many more unique benefits. All freestanding models fitted also come with solid fuel burning kits as standard.

FX5 & FP5 multi-fuel stoves- These 5kW stoves look amazing in a range of homes, from a farmhouse to a new-build. Both stoves are free-standing with either a curved or square door and large flame picture.


FX5W & FP5W multi-fuel stoves- Although these stoves are a 5kW output, the design gives the look of a larger 8kW wide screen stove. This has been achieved by a slight reduction in the depth of the grate area whilst the overall 500mm width of the stove is that of the larger 8kW model.

FX8 & FP8 multi-fuel stoves- These large, heavyweight stoves are freestanding designs and are made from steel with a traditional cast iron door, with extra wide ceramic glass for an exceptional flame picture.

FPI5 & FGI5 multi-fuel stoves- Create a stunning impression in your living room and enjoy the pleasure of a real wood-burning stove. The 16′′ x 22′′ FPi5 has been designed to fit virtually any standard Class 1 chimney, which means fitting should be easy with little building work required.

FPI5T & FGI5T multi-fuel stoves- These are 16′′ multi-fuel tapered stoves designed to fit into a fireplace opening without the need to remove the fire brick. With its very large ceramic glass panel, this model differs from every other 16′′ tapered stove on the market by giving the customers the maximum possible flame view possible.

FPI5W & FGI5W multi-fuel stoves- The FP/FG is a mid-sized 5kW rectangular inset multi- fuel stove designed to fit 20′′ fireplace openings. The stove comes complete with a high quality stainless steel ash pan, so no compromise on ash removal over a multi-fuel stove is necessary.


FPI8- multi-fuel stoves- classical yet contemporary design, the FPi8 features an outstanding wide flame window that gives this model a superb room presence. The extra- large fire chamber accepts logs over half a metre in length, which provides a more efficient heating, and time saved cutting logs to a smaller size.

FPW & FXW Gas burning stoves- These gas-burning models are manufactured with the same heavy-duty, seam-welded steel bodies, cast iron doors and adjustable feet found with our multi-fuel stoves. Installation is made flexible, with a choice of flue and venting options,allowing the stove to be fitted in Class 1, Class 2 and pre-cast flues